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Instructororder celexa
TypeOnline Course
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Course Overview:

Participants in this course will be certified by WCTI and prepared to pass either the IASSC or ASQ exam. The entire Green Belt Body of Knowledge, on which the exams are based, is covered. In addition our focus is as much on learning and applying Lean Six Sigma as on the exam.  Participants actually use the tools and techniques in a series of small workshops, so that they will really learn how to conduct an improvement project successfully in addition to passing an exam. Both the DMAIC model and our unique Double LEAN model are presented.

Course Outline:

  • Six Sigma Overview
  • Lean Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Process View
  • Voice of Customer
  • DMAIC Strategy
  • Double LEAN Approach
  • Improvement Tool Set
  • Project Implementation


  • You will earn the improvement tools of lean six sigma
  • You will be able to conduct your own improvement projects
  • You will be prepared to pass the IASSC exams
  • You will have internationally recognized certification
  • You will be able to review WebEx sessions again