The WCTI was established to go beyond the typical training styles of Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Project Management initiatives. While we continue to provide the standard certification and hands-on classroom techniques that many other consulting companies provide, our individuality shines in the aftermath of training efforts. WCTI provides true project implementation. We follow up beyond the classroom with coaching, auditing, and consulting to insure the success of your initiative.


Our Goals

  • To provide the most qualified trainers.
  • To provide the most current course content.
  • To bring the most practical experience into the classroom.
  • To provide the best preparation for certification exams.
  • To maximze your organization’s success.
  • To provide the best support and customer service before and after implementation.
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Instructors and Partners

Amel Farrag

Egypt Division
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David Wayne

US Division
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Mark E. Gershon

President and Founder
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Vivek Singh

India Division
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